Weekend Wrap Up

april-2009-004We had quite the revolving door of visitors this weekend. We kicked it off with Aaron’s cousin and family on Friday night. Their son Jameson is almost two and the boys had a fun morning playing together.

From there we headed to a dear friend’s first birthday! Unfortunately I didn’t snap any of my own photos of the event, but it was pure chaos. Lots of kiddos, tons of presents, cupcakes and fun. It’s awesome to watch Cohen grow because at six months older than Jack, we get a little preview of what’s to come.  We watched him get dedicated at church this morning and what a blessing that was. It was amazing to watch an entire church lift their hands towards their family and pray over them.

We’ve been slowly introducing foods to Jackson over the last two weeks or so. Yesterday we tried carrots for the first time and they were well recieved!april-2009-015 So far the only food that has been completly rejected is peas. I hid some in his rice cereal today and he went for it. Hopefully, that little trick will continue to work.

I was looking through my pictures of the last couple months and has to laugh. Almost every picture of Jack, he is wearing pajamas. I do have to throw out there that I do generally dress my child most days…it just doesn’t usually happen until after his first nap. I figure why get multiple outfits dirty every day if he can just wear jammies?

I know I’ve talked a lot in the last few weeks about how fun this stage of life with Jack is, but it truly just gets better and better every day. He is finally sleeping pretty consistently during the day and at night and loves to try new foods. He is in this blissful stage of babyhood where he loves to be on the floor playing with toys but isn’t mobile yet. He is a bit of a serious boy, prefering to be held by Aaron or I when he is in new places but is quick to smile and coo once he’s had a few minutes to warm up. Also, he is ‘talking’ up a storm, babbling at his toys, toes, Aaron and I and the dog. He loves Remington, constantly watching his every move and even reaching out to touch him when he gets close enough. I make Rem lay down in front of Jack while he does tummy time. It keeps him occupied and happy and Rem doesn’t seem to mind.

april-2009-0031We finished the weekend up with a quick visit from great friends. Kyle, Jessika and Parker stopped by this afternoon for some lettuce wraps and play time. Aaron and Kyle go way back and Jessika is a cherished friend from when we lived in Spokane. Parker is just a few weeks younger than Jack and it was fun to see the boys together. They loved to stare at each other and Jack was fascinated with Parker’s feet.

The sun finally came out this weekend and we went for lots of walks, hit Starbucks and Costco and spent some great time as family. I live for these kinds of weekends. (As I reread that last sentence all I can think of is Will Ferrell in Old School). Seriously though, I love sunshine and temperatures over  60 degrees.

I’m making my grocery list and will post my menu for this week tomorrow. Any suggestions? (I haven’t gone to the grocery store yet). I’m thinking something barbecued and I have a pork loin in the freezer that needs to be eaten.


3 Responses to “Weekend Wrap Up”

  1. 1 cate April 6, 2009 at 3:27 pm

    Fun weekend! Why were kyle and jessika in the area?

  2. 2 itsybitsymama April 6, 2009 at 7:04 pm

    OK, the last picture of Jack made me laugh–he is so chubby–but in a very cute way. I just get a kick out of it! Love the new site!

  3. 3 Jessika April 7, 2009 at 3:17 am

    We had a great time visiting you guys! It was so great to see the boys together- loved it. We could have stayed and visited all night! Thanks also for the nice weather! We seem to have taken some of it home with us- yeah!

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