A Did Do List

As packing and working and taking care of a baby all compound to make me feel a little crazy, I saw this fun post at Domestic Reflections…a ‘did-do’ list.

As in, instead of beating ourselves up for not getting our to-do list done, take a moment to reflect on all the things you did do.

So, in no paticular order, is a list of all I’ve accomplished since 7am this morning (I’m writing this post at 12pm):

  • Nurse Jack
  • Change 2 wet diapers and one poopy one
  • Drink and re-heat coffee approximately 4 times and eat breakfast
  • Set out toys for Jack
  • Rescue baby from behind the chair, under the tv cabinet and underneath the coffee table at least 20 times
  • Read Jack 2 stories
  • Feed the baby breakfast of oatmeal and peaches
  • Put Jack down for a nap / nurse
  • Unload/ re-load dishwasher
  • Fold two loads of laundry / start another load
  • Sweep kitchen floor
  • Vacuum basement
  • Feed and water the dogs (watching a friend’s dog for the weekend)
  • Pack the linen closet
  • Finish taking artwork/photos off the walls
  • Take down window coverings
  • Answer work emails and three personal emails
  • Check Facebook
  • 20 minute work conference call
  • Dust upstairs (so gross)

I still haven’t taken a shower and if anyone were to stop by right now they would see a toy landmine, a pile of old towels and sheets sitting in the hallway and a bathtub in desperate need of a scrub. (Not to mention a woman looking a little frazzled and greasy…)

It’s easy to get consumed with everything that needs to get done, but I’m looking at my list, happy to see a few things that can be checked off the list.

Happy Friday.

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