The Move

With so much to talk about between moving, my brother’s wedding in Missouri, the remodel and of course Jack; I’m having a hard time figuring out where to start.

So, I think I’ll back track to moving day which was two weeks ago.

It couldn’t have gone smoother. A huge thank you to all our friends and family who helped us. Seriously, you guys rock.

Aaron, my dad and a few of our friends made a couple of trips with a borrowed trailer the night before we were really supposed to move. In a few hours we were able to move all our outdoor stuff, everything that was in our storage rooms and most of our basement furniture.

By 10am the next morning we were completely done moving out of the house with everything we own packed into our new garage. Which, by the way, it is simply luxurious to have an attached garage. I haven’t had that since I lived in my parents house 10 years ago.

Anyway, Saturday morning we loaded up the largest UHaul you can rent, threw some random stuff into various friend’s SUV’s and we were done. Aaron’s mom and sisters came down to help clean and by 1pm, we were done.

We moved a few things into the tv room (don’t you love the wood paneling) and basically ‘camped’ for the next week and a half.

June 040

June 034So, back to moving day; not wanting to waste anytime, we immediately ripped out carpet and staples and prepped the floors for sanding. (Although, we did have to take a short break for an inaugural swim in the pool. Even Jack had to take a quick dip.)

For the next three days, Aaron sanded and refinished over 1500 square feet of hardwoods. Three bedrooms, a hallway, living room and dining room. He was amazing. I don’t think his back will ever be the same but he did it and they look incredible.

So…in four days we moved out of one house and into the new house, ripped out carpet and refinished hardwood floors. Not bad. From there, we left for Missouri to celebrate my brother getting married. While we were gone, we splurged and had a painter come and paint our dining room, living room and hallway so that we could have a head start on moving in when we got back.


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