I’m in a bit of a blog dry-spell. This happens once in a while. The cure is to take a short break and regroup.

The remodel is in full swing. Cabinets arrived yesterday.

I feel overwhelmed. I have nothing to complain about and in a few short days/weeks, the kitchen will be done and it’s going to rock.

But today, I look at my filthy house and my dishes piled on the dining room table and the rubbermaid bins holding my spices and boxes of cereal and I’m not feeling so great.

Our furnace crapped out today. Our power bill is sky high due to the crapped out furnace/air conditioner. We’ll wait to hear what the price tag of our mishap will be.

I looked at Aaron last night and said…did you know that some families eat dinner together, play with their kids and then relax with a book or some TV and then go to bed at a decent hour? He shook his head in disbelief. Doesn’t everyone eat a turkey sandwich off a paper towel while standing in a construction zone? Doesn’t everyone pull unnamed construction debris out of their baby’s mouth? It’s not normal to work all day and then come home and work like a dog all night and then fall into bed so late and so sore, you almost want to cry?



Well…this is the joys of a remodel.

More interesting tidbits coming up, including less complaining and more pictures of pretty new cabinets and shiny appliances.


1 Response to “Blogless”

  1. 1 Diana July 26, 2009 at 3:05 am

    Hang in there friend it will all be over before you know it and you will have a beautiful kitchen and a good book in your hand once again.

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