Big Continued…

In the pale grey light of the early morning, your sing-song voice calls to us. Nine times out of ten, your dad goes and gets you. He changes your diaper, smothering you in kisses and wrestles with you while I sink deeper under the covers, willing myself ten more minutes of sleep.

Suddenly, your cheerful face appears, two inches from mine and you pull my hair or raspberry directly into my half opened mouth. The day has started. We still have our little routine, although you are rapidly losing interest and it won’t be long before I am replaced with a cup of milk or juice. And I feel okay about it most days. Although some days, like this morning, when you are snuggled up to me, your body curled against mine, I can’t imagine being done.

You crawl everywhere and get into everything preferring laptop cords, wrappers and cell phones as favorite toys then the 1,000 actual toys strewn around our house. You shriek and laugh, chase the dog, wrestle with your dad and love to bang and throw things off your high chair tray. In essence, you are all boy.

July 055

Things have been a little different lately. We are in a new house, there are lots of loud noises and Daddy is busy working in the evenings. You are confined to a few rooms and my voice often rings out ‘NO’ as you try and stand against the unsteady end tables, pull on a lamp cord, explore the construction zone or put something treacherous in your mouth. I’m sorry about that…soon you will an awesome room to play and explore in. Just a few more days.

In the midst of all the change going on at home, we’ve thrown one more at you. As of this week, you now go to schooltwo mornings a week. I worried and fretted about our decision, thinking you would be lonely or neglected; out of sorts in a  loud and chaotic environment.

How wrong I was. The transition has been seemless, you play and socialize with the other kids, love to explore all the new toys and seem to have no problem being away from home or me for that matter. I’ll be honest, I think this has been harder on me than you. I feel like a hurt puppy, watching you crawl away from me, delighted by whatever new toy or little person is in front of you. I woefully walk to the door and look back a hundred times hoping you’ll need one more hug and kiss, but it’s just me that needs the reassurance.  Your caregivers have nothing but praise for you and your good natured personality. Your dad and I are so proud of you. Not just because you’re good at daycare, but because you are everything and more we prayed and dreamed about when you were still in my tummy. You are our joy and we love you. Our lives are richer, better, fuller and infinitely more joyful because you are part of it.

August 007

Thanks for being ours.

*For my own memory: 25.5 pounds and 29.5 inches and wears size 12-18 month clothes. Eats everything and anything but loves avocado, blueberries, rice and beans, toast, pears and peas the most. Takes two naps per day and usually sleeps through the night, although that could use a little work. Favorite toys are anything other than toys and will sit through 10 Little Ladybugs and the Very Hungry Caterpillar every time. Says dada, waves when he feels like it, pulls to standing, crawls like a maniac and is still obsessed with Rem. 

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  1. 1 Kami August 7, 2009 at 2:31 pm

    Hi. I don’t comment often, but I check your blog regularly. I just wanted to say that A) I love how your kitchen is turning out and dream of the day I will be able to finally do mine! and B) I just teared up a bit at this post. My daughter just turned 20 months…but it seems like minutes ago that she was at this stage, just beginning to spread out from her little world that revolved around me and explore the much bigger, and scarier (for me) world…it goes So FAST!!

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