Country Roots

We spent Labor Day weekend at ‘The Cabin.’

The Cabin is 40 wooded acres that house a small cabin (obviously), pond, miscellaneous farming equipment, a shooting range and couple of cows during the summer. It’s  a magical place where boys become men and you can forget all your troubles…okay, actually it’s where the McCoy clan gather on the weekend to relax and spend time together. Guns are shot, 4wheelers and gators are ridden, the men work and the women make lunch and everyone gets a little dirty.

Now, my husband gives me a bit of a hard time about The Cabin. He thinks that I don’t like it. But, people, I have physical proof that I had myself a good ol’ time at The Cabin:

September 063

I drove the gator and LIKED it.

September 033

September 039

Jack and I went with Grandma Betty to feed the cows.

September 059

Jack and Daddy played a fun game called ‘let me grab your hat and throw it on the ground.’

September 044

Grandma Betty helps Jack practice his walking skills.

This was actually Jack’s first time at The Cabin and I think he had a great time. He seemed a little frustrated not to be able to crawl (because we were outside the entire time), but he had a blast looking at the cows, playing with his cousin, going for a gator ride and of course getting doted on by all his extended family.

The Cabin to Aaron is the epitome of family values. The adults work on something, the kids play and everyone has a good time. His childhood memories are steeped in moments at The Cabin. And I love that he has that history, and while we don’t live close enough to make it a weekly adventure for Jack, I know that we will build memories to cherish as a new generation. Different than how Aaron grew up, but so good in its own new way.


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