Imperfectly Perfect

I’ve had this post rolling around in my head for a couple of days, but I start and erase the same post over and over again. My words just don’t seem to be coming together. So…here goes:

Aaron’s job radically changed two weeks ago, partly due to this awful economy we all live in and partly due to a direction his workplace is going. It was completely out of left field and so surprising neither of us even knew how to start digesting all the information being presented.

In the end, Aaron resigned and decided to take advantage of a new opportunity in a different industry. It doesn’t come without risks and leaps of faith. As with any new job/career, it’s going to require a lot of learning, hard work and a little bit of luck, but we are thrilled that such an incredible opportunity came up at just the right time. 

After an agonizing week of trying to wade through emotions and information, ask good questions and make an informed decision; we are at peace.

So here’s why this whole thing is hard to write about. I feel silly even mentioning our situation because the deal is, we are not alone. So many people we know have faced these same challenges or worse. My husband has a job to go to this month, and not just any job, a great job. 

To be honest though, it was really easy to spiral very quickly into self-pity. It was easy to be indignant and angry. We didn’t deserve this and it certainly wasn’t part of ‘the plan.’  As fear and anxiety brought us to our knees, we found ourselves constantly in prayer. Everyday, all day we prayed, and finally, most importantly I think, we slowed down long enough to listen. And when we finally got quiet and listened to our hearts, we were filled with the acknowledgement that God hears our prayers. We know that life isn’t always meant to be perfect, that bumps and challenges come along, but that we have a God who loves us and will carry us through these times.

I reread my words and they sound cheesy and one-dimensional. And especially when I think of family and friend’s who have carried larger burdens with more poise than I will ever hope to have. But, I feel like Aaron and I have lived through what I call traveling mercies. (okay, Ann Lamott coined the phrase but I borrow heavily from it).

We were scared. And then we were comforted. Out of our comfort came confidence and from the confidence came a decision.

Today our story gets to round a corner. Aaron and I are blessed to have incredible people in our lives who model faith and grace. Faith when life is scary and unsettling and grace for themselves and others when life throws them challenges like a storm throws a limb across the road. Our life is going to be different for a while. A good different. And as we all bear witness to at one time or another, most great joys come from what appears to be insurmountable challenge.

2 Responses to “Imperfectly Perfect”

  1. 1 cate September 15, 2009 at 3:22 pm

    I’m sorry…change is hard! We will be praying, also!

  2. 2 Jenny M. September 16, 2009 at 2:44 pm

    Wow, thanks for sharing Andrea so we can pray for you!

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