Photo Op

Our weekend consisted of lots of good family time including a leisurely Saturday morning where donuts were eaten, too much coffee was drank, lots and lots of hugs and kisses were given out to a certain little person living at our house and just an all around relaxing time.

We managed (meaning mostly Aaron) to paint the back bedroom which by the way has been the bain of my existence since we moved in. It’s the largest of the three upstairs bedrooms and it was covered in navy blue wallpaper when we moved in. I had never peeled wallpaper before and let me tell you, the gross floral wallpaper in both our upstairs bathrooms will probably be there for a very long time. It’s awful. In the time it took Aaron to gut and renovate a kitchen, it took me that long to peel the wallpaper. (This also might be an indication of my enthusiasm for the project, but I prefer to just blame it on the wallpaper).

Anyway, we also fit in a few naps, a trip to Costco and the farmers market, a fun night with friends and eating their delicious homemade pizza. I am officially asking Santa for a bread machine this year. But the best part of the weekend was when we had family pictures taken.

And even though the wind was blowing, Jack was drooling everywhere and obsessed with crawling over to the shovel Aaron picks dog poop up with (after moving it all around the yard, we finally put it away…genius I tell you) and of course there were lots of muttered curse words because somebody doesn’t like to smile for the camera. But…you would never know…

mom and jack

rem and jack

And my favorite so far:

dad and jack

This picture make me ridiculously happy. Love those two boys more than words could ever describe. LOVE.

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