I’m trapped in the house.

Okay not really, but kind of.

Yesterday, Jack and I were supposed to be headed over the mountains to Seattle to spend time with Aaron who has been in a licensing class all week. (Which by the way, yuck for him…8 hours of sitting in a classroom listening to audio tapes about commercial insurance rules and regulations and then several more hours of studying afterwards. Barf.)

Also — he gets home today.

Anyway…I got home from work, brought Jack and all our gear inside and shut the garage door. Ten seconds later we hear a very loud CRASHING sound come from the garage. With a pit in my stomach, I slowly open the door, thinking I hadn’t pulled the 4runner in far enough and had shut the door on it, thankfully, no, it was just the cable snapping, slamming the garage door down (and also trapping the car inside the garage).

I had been on the fence about going to Seattle anyway, Aaron is stressed and spending all evening studying and I couldn’t decide if it was worth the effort or hassle to pack Jack up for such a short amount of time. So, the garage door decided for us. I guess we weren’t going.

Thankfully, our friend’s came over and showed me how to unlatch the safety component which allowed us to raise the door and pull the truck out. This morning I went outside and noticed I had left the trunk window rolled down all night long. Four days of solo parenting will do that to you.

So, even though, we aren’t trapped, I’m pretending we still are. I made pumpkin bread this morning,  Jack is down for a long nap and I am contemplating digging out my Uggs. (Maybe before I do that I should go roll up my window?)


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