Small Pleasures

Did you watch Oprah yesterday? I don’t often watch, but I have been following Stephanie Nielson’s blog, The Nie Nie Dialogues for over a year now and her story is so awe inspiring, it was worth taking a few minutes out of my afternoon to watch TV.

September 180Stephanie Nielson is a young mother who, along with her husband, survived a terrible plane crash over a year ago. She has four young children and literally spent three months in a coma slowly healing from burns across 80 percent of her body.

Her blog, and her interview with Oprah, focus on the small joys and pleasures of being  a mother. She decided she wanted to live so she could see her children grow up, even if it meant all the pain and discomfort she must endure. She is amazing and so completely inspiring to me.

As I was rocking Jack to sleep last night and marveling at the little curls he has behind his ears, I was suddenly overwhelmed. It’s so easy for me to be caught in the drudgery of diaper changes, meal planning, emails and errands, yet right in front of me, sleeping against my shoulder, is a real live miracle, clad in blue  fuzzy jammies.

So with a renewed spirit, my new mantra is to Enjoy. Enjoy playing on the floor (who cares if it’s covered in dog hair.) Enjoy reading 10 Little Ladybugsfor the hundred and tenth time of the day, enjoy taking a walk in the sunshine and listen to my boy jabber at the trees and birds.

July 012Of course, that lasted all of ten minutes. This morning I yelled at my kid. Yep…I did. I yelled at him. He was getting into my desk drawer for about the 15th time of the morning and I had said No nicely, I had diverted his attention and all the sudden my patience was in the negative zone and I screeched at him. He cried big alligator tears and lifted his arms for me to pick him up, frightened by my voice.

Raising kids is hard. But today, I’m thinking about Stephanie Nielson and how she decided to live, despite her pain for her children, and so instead of feeling frustrated with my curious and tenacious little boy, I’m going to pray for more patience and try again.

Because, it’s worth it. At least to try. I know I’ll probably yell again, sooner than I would like to admit. But, we’ll just keep going, that’s all we can do right?


1 Response to “Small Pleasures”

  1. 1 Lacy October 10, 2009 at 8:58 pm

    Gratitude not attitude…easier said than done, but I am willing to try for it with you!

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