A Look Back

This morning I woke up with a smile on my face. Why?

Because the memories of a year ago came washing over me as I laid in bed and listened to my little monkey yell and talk in his crib. I could hear him jumping and wrestling, making an imaginary game out of who knows what. He is all boy, that one.

So, in my darkened bedroom, with the sun just barely peeking through the blinds, all those memories came flooding back. It was a sunny warm day, much like today. I wore a white shirt and jeans one year ago. I went out for breakfast and had french toast with blueberries. My in-laws sent a gorgeous flower arrangement to the house in celebration. Trisha helped me pass the time and when the contractions really started Aaron and I walked and walked around our neighborhood, holding hands and praying that ‘this was it.’

Although Jack wasn’t born until 8:00am the next day (23rd), today almost feels more like his birthday, because for me, today was the day the excitement began.

One year ago today, I started contracting.

One year ago today, I went to the hospital.

One year ago today; I walked the halls, sat on the birthing ball, got in the jacuzzi, high-fived the epidural man and watched every minute go by waiting to meet my boy.

It feels so good to look back and marvel at the last year. The ‘firsts’ are too many to list, but each one celebrated. Aaron and I learned not only what it means to take care of an infant, but to be parents. To love someone more than we love ourselves. It makes me revel in my Creator, because my gift to my son is nothing in comparison to His gift to me.

Today is a day to celebrate. Although the party has come and gone, today is a day to give extra hugs and kisses and be thankful for a full and rich year of growing and loving and learning.

Today I am grateful. And so happy.

What a year.


1 Response to “A Look Back”

  1. 1 cate October 22, 2009 at 5:22 pm

    Good job you two…you made it through the first year!!! Now keep going!

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