Little Man

It seems like there’s been so much going on at our house lately. Between weddings and parties, out-of-town guests, work and a month full of travel; I keep staring at the calendar in disbelief that it’s actually November.

It doesn’t feel like it.

We’ve been blessed with several outstanding days of warm weather and sunshine and we’ve been trying to eat up every moment. Although my stroller tire is completely dead, no matter how much goo and air we fill it with, it just goes dead within minutes, so that’s on my to-do list for today.DSC_1491

Jackson has hit one developmental milestone after another in the last week. As of this weekend, he’s officially walking. I’ve held off making the ‘announcement’ because I wanted a cute picture or video but he is in a new stage where he hates the camera; also, he’s pretty unsteady still so as soon as I get the camera zoomed into the right angle, he falls over.

But; he’s walking.

In other Jack news he’s decided eating with a spoon is pretty awesome, and has really gotten the hang of it this week. It’s so wild to see ‘my baby’ sitting in his chair, eating with a spoon, yelling and ‘talking’ while eating meatloaf and green beans. He’s so grown up these days…

DSC_1370We went to the doctor last Friday for his one-year-checkup and unbelievably at 26.5 pounds and 31 inches he’s actually fallen to the 92nd percentile for his age group (versus consistently 95th or actually off the  charts). He gained about a pound in three months which is a huge slow down for him, so I’ll be interested to see if he levels off over the next year.

He is my wild child right now, exploring everything and anything. He loves to get in drawers, torment the dog, be outside and play with tv remotes and cell phones. He also loves to read books, snuggle in the rocking chair, give kisses and hugs and will wait at the back door yelling ‘Dada’ when he hears the garage door opening.

He is particularly obsessed with brooms, opening and closing doors and playing chase.

Life is bliss.



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