In the Mood…for Christmas!

I don’t know if it’s because Thanksgiving is a little late this year or the fact that Target is completely decked out for Christmas but I am itching to get my holiday decorations out. Aaron and I went looking for a Christmas tree over the weekend, but unfortunately none fit our criteria (full but not too full, no major holes, preferably prickly so the baby will be less inclined to climb it).

Which, by the way, can I still call Jack a baby? He walks, scratch that, practically runs all over the house. He wears shoes and climbs on the fireplace, opens and closes doors, throws tantrums, eats spaghetti for dinner and I swear is about a month away from being able to completely out smart Aaron and I. At the same time, he still wears fuzzy footie pajamas, and his hair smells like a baby, and his pudgy little cheeks and hands are so kissable I could just eat him. So, it’s hard to decide; baby or not? Somewhere in between?

Anyway, Aaron and I have decided to simplify Christmas this year. No blowing the budget out of the water. No extra splurges. Both of us really want to get to the heart of what Christmas is really about. And overspending and overbuying and the stress that comes with it take away from what we are truly celebrating.

We want Jack to enjoy everything about Christmas, from the itchy gaudy sweaters, to the parties and family gatherings, and of course, Santa filling his stocking on Christmas eve. But, more than anything we want him to know that all that stuff is just a way to celebrate Jesus’s birth. This incredible miracle. It’s an opportunity to slow down, spend time as a family and take a moment to reflect on all of life’s rich blessings.

Jackson, 6 weeks old, Dec. 08

I am eagerly waiting to decorate my house and fill it with the sights, sounds and smells of the season. I’m making my shopping list, planning menus and looking forward to gathering with friends and family, but this year I am doing it from a mindset of simplicity.

Simple food.

Simple gifts.

Simply wonderful.


2 Responses to “In the Mood…for Christmas!”

  1. 2 Ivy November 18, 2009 at 10:15 am

    OOh I am with you – but we have a rule in our house – no Christmas decorating until Dec. 2nd. Why? Because Jeremy’s birthday is 12/1. 🙂 Your photos are beautiful. Makes me wish I had a fireplace with a mantle. Happy Thanksgiving!

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