Pictures of the Day

Jack loves books! Aaron loves to tease that he doesn’t know if Jack is his son, when he catches him ‘reading.’ (Aaron isn’t a huge reader). But, I LOVE to read and usually have at least two or three books going at once, so I would love to add another bookworm to our family.

Also, I stooped to new lows today. I rearranged our furniture to block the kiddo into the tv room. Jack was not happy about it but it saved me from chasing him down the hall, having to take sharp kitchen objects out of his hands, and trying to keep him from getting into every drawer/cupboard in this kitchen while I make dinner/unload the dishwasher/take out the garbage.

(Yes; I do realize we could just put child locks on our cupboards and that would make life so much easier. But, those cabinets are still shiny and new and we just aren’t ready to drill holes into them yet. Soon. Really Soon.) 

And finally, our favorite time of day: when Daddy comes home! Lots of hugs and kisses are doled out and we all know that Daddy is way better at playing cars and wrestling and giving baths. Yea!


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