We FINALLY got that snow we had been hoping for the last couple of weeks. It snowed about four or five inches last night and another two or so today. The snow is finally tapering off this afternoon and it’s pretty white blanket makes everything outside look wonderfully tranquil. I’ve got my slippers on and a hot cup of tea to keep me warm. Love it.

We attempted to play in the snow this morning and after battling to get Jack bundled up in his full snowsuit, rain boots* and hat and mittens; we lasted less than five minutes before he face planted in the snow and started crying hysterically. We called it good and came right back inside. But, in typical Jack fashion, as soon as we were all undressed, he sat mournfully at the slider and pathetically tapped on the glass saying ‘eh eh eh’ until I relented and decided we would try again. This time, there was no snowsuit, just some too-big  rain boots, a jacket over fleece jammies and a hat and mittens. I think we lasted another five minutes but thankfully there was no more face planting.

Aaron just came home and traded me cars, which is the perfect excuse to stay nice and cozy at home. No errands or trips to the grocery store; just a quiet house and the click of my computer keys. I’m feeling much more coherent today. Knocked a few items off my list, delegated a few to my husband, and blissfully, Jack has been sleeping for nearly two hours. The napping makes all the difference in the world.

Hope you’re warm and cozy wherever you are.

*Oops, I somehow missed the boat on buying snow boots for my kid. I hope rain boots two sizes to big will work for the season!


1 Response to “Snow!”

  1. 1 Mboyle December 18, 2009 at 8:23 am

    You must be color blind, green frog boots, yellow flower pants and brown coat, scary!!!! your son will hold this picture against you.
    He’s too cute.
    See Ya in a week

    Love ya Dad

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