Two Posts in One Day: BiPolar

I’m still in a funk…all of one hour later. But I spied in my drafts folder a post I’ve been working on for several weeks and then I just read amalah’s post and I decided, what the heck, finish it and maybe you’ll feel better. Besides, this is way more fun than folding laundry.

You used to sit for a timeout, silently watching me from your corner, all big eyes and open mouth. ‘You are in a timeout for hitting mommy,’ I would say. Or maybe it was, ‘you are in a timeout for climbing on the fireplace and I told you no 10,000 times already.’

After about a week or so, you realised you can just stand up and walk away from the corner I put you in. Now you think it’s funny to go in timeout because as soon as I walk away from you, you take off running down the hallway, laughing and shrieking.

You are so full of personality. I’m not quite sure what to do about the timeout. So far, I just keep putting you back. You have yet to sit for one full minute since you discovered you can run.

You sign please but only on your terms. Sometimes you happily sign it for a cup of juice or a cracker, but other times you can’t be bothered. You are too busy. You sign more, but sometimes that means all done. ‘Ahh doon,’ you cry and manically sign more. We might need to work on that.

In the last few weeks, you’ve finally developed a bit of separation anxiety. You follow me from room to room, always wanting to do what I’m doing. If I’m combing my hair, you want to comb your hair. If I’m using the potty, you want to investigate and woe is the person who tries to stop you.

You love legos. You love books. You love to hit anything and everything and we are working daily on being more gentle with the dog. You love to smother him in loves as well as hit him with a t-ball bat, preferably simultaneously. I think what you love the most is to play outside. Yesterday we went to Starbucks and for a few minutes, the sun was out and I let you run around in the grassy yard while I drank my coffee. I haven’t seen you that happy in a long time. You ran and jumped and pointed and babbled. You waved bye-bye to everyone that walked by and picked up clumps of dirty snow and threw them as far as you could. You cried big alligator tears when it was finally time to go.

You say mama and dada, and dog but with no g on the end. You say up, but only if you want to. You seem to understand so much. You go and get your shoes when I ask and try to put them on. You climb up on the couch and then stand up. ‘Wow,’ you say proudly.

You look me straight in the eyes and push your lunch on the floor. ‘Uh-oh,’ you say sadly.

You almost never slow down, always looking for something to run after, climb on or jump off of. You still like to be carried though and when you need a little snuggle, you push me away from whatever I’m doing and command ‘UP!’

If I sneak over to the computer to check emails or blogs, you track me down within seconds, hoisting a well-loved copy of 10 Little Ladybugs or Barnyard Dance at me. I think I could read those books with my eyes closed, but they bring you such happiness that I always flip them open one more time. Ten little ladybugs sitting on a vine, along came a butterfly — then there were…

You love being chased, and your sweet meaty little thighs are the most ticklish part of your body. You have not one, but two faint dimples and your eyes are officially no longer blue. They are somewhere between gray and hazel.

Oh I love you sweet boy. You bring me such joy. I love watching you grow and change and discover. I’ve made a concentrated effort these last few weeks to slow down and just enjoy you. To play more, to read more, to chase more. Less about me and more about you. I think we are both benefitting. I’m learning to pick my battles and decide what’s really important. If you want to clean out my kitchen drawers, go for it. Soon enough, you’ll be too busy and off on another adventure. Go and explore little one, but know I am right here waiting for you.


3 Responses to “Two Posts in One Day: BiPolar”

  1. 2 diana January 21, 2010 at 1:20 pm

    Lily follows me around too in her walker saying ma ma ma, and I’m still in awe that I’m the mama and she wants to be with me. I know that there will be a time when we will look back and miss these moments. Thanks for sharing them here and reminding me to appreciate the little things.

  2. 3 Libby January 21, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    Way to capture such a beautiful shapshot of Jack at this curious, sometimes frustrating, but oh so lovable stage.



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