A Walk in the Rain

Sometimes a walk in the rain is good for the soul.

You can ask my husband, I’ve been cranky lately. You could blame it on hormones or stress or lack of sleep, but really, it’s just been me cycling into one of my famous ‘brooding sessions’ where everything and everyone is NOT FAIR!

It’s not fair that I have to do the dinner dishes.

It’s not fair that my kid wakes up so early.

It’s not fair that I have to juggle a busy toddler and work projects and the house and oh yeah, we have major water damage in our bathroom…

It’s not fair.

Don’t you want to hang out at my house? With that kind of sunny disposition, I just radiate kindness and compassion. (I hope you can hear the sarcasm dripping here).

Today we went for a sopping soaking walk in the rain. Wet hair, stinky dog and dripping stroller included. And it was so good for the soul. Something about the big puffy gray clouds against the suddenly green grass and the fresh air made me feel like a new person. Like I could start over. I could let go of the ‘it’s not fairs.’

When I got home, I noticed a few things I walk by every day that bring so much simple pleasure to me.

A cinnamon vanilla candle

pink tulips brought to me by my loving husband…who knew I needed a little pick me up

cookbooks and a cup of tea

I know this is kind of silly. Taking pictures of a candle and some cookbooks, but I needed that fresh outlook. to look around my little world and take stock in all the simple ways my life is so good. The big stuff; health, jobs, babies, all that rolls off my tongue. And I am grateful for it. But, where I tend to get tripped up, is in all the little things. All the little perceived injustices and discomforts that daily life requires.

Our rainy walk could have been one more item to add to my list of complaints. Instead, it was a washing away of the cloud that has been hanging over me for weeks. Let the sunshine pour in. It’s been there all along.

I know my husband will be breathing a huge sigh of relief.


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