Making Progress

The bathroom renovation is moving along. Here’s the shower:

Our favorite tile guy, who has been at our house until at least 8pm every night, finished the floor and grouted it all tonight. Next up is replacing the toilet and finishing peeling the wallpaper off the walls. Did I mention we still have some lingering pastel ducks on the walls? Yeah…we do.

We also need to buy a toilet. And decide what we are going to do about our sweet oak vanity. But, hey, the shower is almost done, the water damage finally taken care of, and nobody will be falling through our floor anytime soon. At least not if they are taking a shower at our house.

And because I don’t think I ever posted a final photo of Jack’s bathroom, here are few from that project:

The lighting isn’t the greatest, partly because there are no windows and partly because I always seem to take pictures at 9 o’clock in the evening.

It’s amazing what $10 in acrylic paint from Michael’s can do. I’m thinking for the short-term we are going to paint our master bathroom vanity an antique white and call it good. Anything to cover the yucky yellow (scratched, faded) oak.

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