Stream of Conciousness

You’ll have to forgive me. Last week was a weird week. You know…all three of you that still read this blog on occasion. Hi Mom!

I think the combination of pregnancy hormones (can we say hello third trimester!), a death in the family, guests in my home and the backyard project all sort of meshed together to make me a weepy, stressed out head case. No joke. My husband bore the brunt of it and took it like a champ. He’s a keeper.

The backyard, for some reason has felt more stressful and more out of control than our kitchen remodel. I have to assume this is due to hormones, because whenever I mention how awful this project is, Aaron kindly pats my shoulder and shakes his head at me. The backyard looks much the same as last week, except it has rained several times and we’ve run the sprinklers to help the dirt settle so now there are big muddy sections! We started (I helped for one evening so I can say we) trying to level the ground ourselves with a wheelbarrow and a couple of shovels and rakes and quickly recognized it was going to take several back-breaking weeks to accomplish. I knew I would be of limited help, leaving the majority of it up to Aaron. He made a few phone calls, and thankfully has a connection with a landscaping company. They come on Friday to finish up.

Which, speaking of Aaron, yesterday was his birthday. Jack and I gave him a leaf blower. This is the season in our lives. He couldn’t have been more excited and I grudgingly accepted that if that was the gift he wanted, that’s what he was going to get. (I hate giving practical gifts…but my husband is by definition practical to his core). I made him a double layer chocolate cake that I have to admit, is even better today, and we toasted with a few friends, who thankfully helped us eat most of that cake.

I absolutely love birthdays. I love spoiling my loved ones on their special day, I love planning and throwing parties and I really love making cakes. I felt kind of bad this years celebration was so low-key, but to Aaron it was perfect. He, unlike me, doesn’t like a huge fuss. As I was writing in his card yesterday, it hit me this was the seventh birthday I’ve helped him celebrate. I love that. The years are adding up. The memories are growing. We have each other and our little family and are surrounded with family and friends we love and adore. We are lucky.

And speaking of luck, I am lucky in multiple ways. Our master bathroom is nearly finished and I can’t wait to post some pictures. Aaron convinced me to stain our oak vanity and while it’s not done quite yet, it’s turning out beautifully. You can still see the oak grain, but the color is a rich cherry brown, very similar to our kitchen cabinets and works well with the tile. The walls have been painted, and once again, it was kind of a miss. I was going for a very neutral taupey gray and what I got was off-white. It doesn’t look bad, per se, but it’s very plain. I’m going to put some art on the wall and some big hooks for towels and call it good for now.

Aaron and I have an agreement that we are only finishing projects that have already been started. Once those are crossed off the list, nothing more until 2011. Our main project for 2010 is a new baby. A new baby that is going to be here in less than three months. That reality continues to surprise and excite me.

And finally, speaking of baby, this pregnancy is flying by. Almost 29 weeks and July actually seems to be on the horizon. Physically, I feel really good. It’s getting a little harder to carry my 30 pound toddler around all day and I probably need to lay off the sweets so I don’t have so much weight to lose post-baby, but really, I just feel lucky to feel so good. I remember a pretty major shift at 34-35 weeks where sleeping goes out the door and the aches and pains and swelling all really kick in, so by my estimation I’ve got 6ish weeks of feeling good and having energy before I’m camped out on the couch…but then it’s the homestretch and as I always remind myself, you can do almost anything for a limited amount of time. Crazy.


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