The Boy

We had Jack’s 18-month well baby check this week. Surprise surprise..he’s a tank.

After dipping down into the 92nd percentile at his 12-month-appointment, he shot back up into the 97th percentile at 34.5 inches tall and 31 pounds. Aaron and I just shake our heads and laugh. We love it.

I love 18-month-olds. Have I mentioned that? They are funny and sassy and say indecipherable things and play imaginary games and know how to get their own shoes and tell you when they pooped. Which funny story, I walked into Jack’s room yesterday after his nap and he immediately pointed at his diaper and announced, “I pooped!” (which sounded more like ooppped!) But, I knew what he was saying and we took care of the problem and it felt so great to have him tell me a need and for me to understand what he was communicating.

I find myself wanting to eat up every second with my sweet boy as it gets more and more apparent that we will indeed be bringing home a new addition to our family in a few months. We’ve started trying to explain the concept of a baby brother to Jack but it doesn’t seem to register. We read big brother books and talk about the baby in mama’s belly, but he just smiles at us and then runs to the door asking to go outside or for a cup of water or to play legos.

And that’s okay. July will be here soon enough.  In the meantime we’ll just keep taking walks and looking for bugs and digging in the dirt pile and reading stories and sharing snacks.


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