Praying for Joy in the Journey

I pray for patience.

I pray for wisdom and discernment.

A lot of times I ask for my ‘needs’ to be met. Which really means my wants. Sometimes I get a little frustrated that my timeline isn’t adhered to. Because of that, sometimes I lose a little faith.

But, today I was struck by powerful words: find joy in the journey. How simple and obvious yet somehow so difficult to grasp and live out.

It’s so easy for me to be drug down in the details of life. It’s easy for me to get hung up on small discomforts or perceived injustices. It’s easy for me to lose patience and blame others.

Some days are hard. Not just in regards to parenting or working or marriage, but they are just hard because they are. I’m pulled in too many directions, disorganized, tired…whatever the case may be.

I feel so inspired to find joy even on those hard days. I can be such a martyr sometimes, always wanting to pull the ‘poor me’ card, but I really feel convicted to abandon that thought process.

I can see clearly how abundantly blessed I am. Overflowing really.

I read a great post a few weeks back about this mom trying to explain to her son why they practiced/participated in various Catholic rituals and traditions. And ultimately it came down to this; God can be found.

God can be found. Isn’t that profound? Whether it’s through a special prayer, a church service,  a  hike in the woods, time in scripture, or on the delighted dirty face of a toddler…God can be found.

Lately I’ve been finding God in blog posts, kind encouragement from dear friends, from watching the pure joy in my child’s face as he adventures and explores his world. I find God in the whispered prayers we say with Jack before he goes to bed.

I am finding God in the quiet of nap time, as He whispers on my soul to re-evaluate, count my blessings, try again…

If God can be found, isn’t there great joy to be found in the journey we each are on? Isn’t there joy even on hard days, hard weeks, even hard years? Because the journey leads us to knowing God more. To witnessing His goodness and faithfulness. The journey helps us know God; intimately and fully. And in that is great joy.


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