Three Weeks Already?

I’ve put off blogging the last couple of weeks in part due to exhaustion but mostly because my laptop is dieing a slow and painful death. The kind where the screen freezes and then the internet connection futzed out and then the icing on the cake is when it takes six hours to load 15 photos off the camera.

So, I would love to share pictures of my sweet boy and his new-found rolls, his long long toes or his crystal blue eyes that are getting lighter by the day but you will just have to imagine for a few more days (weeks) until we dig enough change out of our couch cushions to spring for a new laptop.

Motherhood the second time around has been in general so much more enjoyable. True, the mystery and some of the magic is gone but in its place is confidence and a lot of peace. I walk around the house nursing my baby, filling water cups and reading stories. I seem to instinctively know when Luke needs to sleep verses when he needs to eat or have a diaper change. I think this can only come from experience and more than anything chilling the heck out. With Jack, everything was new, and because it was new it was also an experiment. But this time, while there are still some lingering questions or moments of ‘oh crap, what do I do now,’ it’s mostly drinking in this new little soul and enjoying the moments.

I worried a lot about having two kids. I just couldn’t envision how the day-to-day was going to work. I didn’t know how my heart could hold enough love for two. And here we are, just three weeks later and I can’t hardly remember life before Luke. Before I had ‘my boys.’

I love these days; they are simple and full of tender moments. I love our quiet mornings filled with cups of coffee, playing in the backyard, snuggling on the couch to nurse and read stories and watch a little Sesame Street. Afternoons are filled with naps, and snuggling and maybe just a tiny bit of housework or a quick errand but mostly we are home, and it is so good.

The last couple of weeks simply wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing support system of friends and family. I wish I could put into better words my appreciation for the love and support poured out on us. Friends show up to play with Jack, to drop off a cup of coffee, allow me 15 minutes to take a shower, and snuggle my baby. Our parents and siblings have arrived in droves to love on our babies, scrub our toilets and cook us meals. We just couldn’t do this without all of you.

That’s the last three weeks in a nutshell. A little bubble of baby bliss. I can’t keep my lips off his little cheeks or my nose out of his sweet-smelling hair. Oh I love babies. Aaron rolls his eyes when I tell him I could go all ‘Duggar’ on him and have 20 babies but then I catch him cuddling Luke to his chest and breathing in his perfect newborn smell and I know he secretly feels the same way.


2 Responses to “Three Weeks Already?”

  1. 1 cate August 4, 2010 at 1:41 pm

    I’m glad to hear it’s easier (in general) the second time around! And PS. the ‘duggers’ only have 19 kids (not 20)!!!

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