My Favorite Time of Day

Mornings are still my favorite time of day.

In the pre-dawn darkness Luke cries from his crib. I stumble into his room and in one fluid motion, scoop him into my arms and settle back into bed. He nurses for a bit and I doze and suddenly it’s two hours later.


The hustle and bustle of morning begins. Aaron gets Jack breakfast and hurries through a shower and a shave. The coffee pot beeps that it is done.

Luke and I snuggle into the big leather chair that’s been moved into the tv room. I balance my steaming mug on the arm of the chair and talk to Jack while he eats. Soon, he finds his way over to the chair and climbs in with us.

Hi Baby!! I hold him….uuhhhh….Mama?…I hold him…Hi Baby!!

There isn’t room for all three of us, but we jostle and squeeze and somehow there is always just enough room on my lap. We are a tangle of jammied arms and legs, little toes that need kissing and cheeks to nibble. Jack watches a little Seaseme Street while I run my fingers through his mop of wild curls. He shoos me away, but I do it anyway, because more and more his hair is loosing that baby quality and I want to remember what it feels like.

Luke nurses contentedly, staring up at me with those beautiful dark blue eyes. His little body curled around me to make room for his brother, snuggled in tight to avoid an accidental knee or elbow. He smiles while he eats.

And I am sure my heart will burst.

Soon enough we are forced to start the day. The TV is turned off, Jack gets out his toys, the phone rings and the coffee runs out. There are errands to be done and laundry to be finished. My phone dings with another reminder.

The day has started.

But those few minutes. They are mine. And I am greedy for them, because those are the moments I want to remember when I am old and my children are grown. 

Sitting; arms and legs tangled; just being together.

It is my favorite time of day.


1 Response to “My Favorite Time of Day”

  1. 1 Jessi October 8, 2010 at 7:49 pm

    My favorite time is in the morning as well. It’s quiet and all I can hear is the coos and sighs of a content baby nursing. It’s pure bliss!

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