You are two. Two-years-old. You aren’t convinced just yet, telling me that in fact, you are only one.

You love choo-choos. You love trucks and tractors, much to your father’s delight. You love to play outside. You love your dog and your brother.

You are the embodiment of sweetness, giving Luke tender kisses unprompted, saying hey buddy, as a greeting. You shout Luuvvee Youu from your bed at night. You love to give high-fives, ride on Daddy’s shoulders, and ‘help’ me in the kitchen. You daily crack us up with your jarbled language, but you get your point across, grabbing us by the hand and leading us to what you want.

One of my favorite memories from the last couple of weeks is making pumpkin muffins together. You drug your little stool out of the bathroom and pulled it up to the island and together we mixed and stirred and made a huge mess. You loved dumping the ingredients into the bowl and carefully using a spatula to blend everything together.

If I was going to be honest, I would tell you this:  parenting you is the best thing I’ve ever done. It is an honor and a joy to be your mother. I literally wake up every morning grateful for another day with you. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t hard. It’s so so hard, not because YOU are hard, but because I want with every fibre of my being for you to be a happy, confidant, independent, Jesus-loving, hard-working, kind human being. And that takes work, but it’s well-worth it, and I wouldn’t trade this job for anything.

I love you. So much.

Happy birthday!


1 Response to “Two”

  1. 1 diana October 22, 2010 at 1:26 pm

    Happy Birthday Jackson! I have loved watching you grow these past two years and look forward to many more. Hope you have a wonderful birthday and get spoiled by your parents!
    the Lim Family 🙂

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