Neighborhood Party

Over the weekend our neighborhood shopping center (Starbucks, grocery store, bookstore, library, nail place…) hosted a sweet little evening with lit up trucks, Christmas music, free hot chocolate and crafts for the kids.

Better yet, Santa was even there!

It was perfect because it had snowed that day, making it feel that much more ‘Christmasy.’ (is that a word?) We sipped hot chocolate and looked at all the lights. Jack ran around with the big kids, kicking up snow and even bravely sat on Santa’s lap. No screaming, just some nervous finger-sucking and repeatedly reaching for Daddy. All in all — a success.

It’s really fun to watch Jack start to ‘get’ Christmas. He loves our Christmas tree and finally figured out how to open presents. He  bops around the kitchen when I turn on Christmas music. It’s funny to think back to just two years ago, when I would sing Silent Night to him as he would fuss in my arms. Miraculously, my off-key tune would always soothe him.

The next couple of years are going to be really fun as the boys get a little older and that much more into Christmas. So fun to start traditions, to talk with Aaron about what we do and don’t want to do for our family’s traditions. It’s magical for kids…but it’s a little magical for the mom’s and dad’s too.


3 Responses to “Neighborhood Party”

  1. 2 Tysa December 22, 2010 at 9:49 am

    We drove past the lighted trucks about 2 weeks ago. They were all waiting to turn left onto Tieton Drive so we were able to pull right up next to them. My 4 year old was about to jump out of his skin he was so excited.

    Kids really make Christmas fun again! Merry Christmas to your family!

  2. 3 Ivy December 27, 2010 at 9:39 am

    Fun! Jack is so brave! Looks like a fun little party. I’ve been singing “Silent Night” off-key to Isaac too. He seems to like it. So sweet that babies love their mommies singing voices, no matter how bad they are. 🙂

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