A Trip to Park City

Has it really been two weeks since our trip to Park City? How is it  possibly the last week of February? I would be jumping for joy…except we’re anticipating several inches of snow over the next couple of days. Boo.

After cancelling our trip at Christmas, Aaron and I were beyond eager to visit my family and have a few days to ski and relax. While we see my parents regularly, it had been a year since actually staying at their house, and we were more than ready to hang out, eat good food and have some much-needed help with our little ones.

Thankfully, we accomplished all those things and more.

We were a little nervous to fly with the boys, but thankfully everything went incredibly smooth. I wish I had a little nugget of wisdom for making it through the airport or what to do with a toddler and a baby on an airplane, but I absolutely do not. Just tell yourself you’ll survive…and you will. The flight can’t last forever right?

Two funny stories: While pushing Jack in the stroller, with a car seat hanging on the back, Luke in the ergo, purse and diaper bag on my shoulder and attempting to hold two cups of coffee; the stroller tipped backwards from being so heavy with the car seat. Did I drop the coffees to attempt saving my child? Umm…no. I did not. He tipped slowly backwards kicking his feet in the air and Aaron and I stood there and laughed at him. All he said was, ‘Hey!!!!’ But let’s be honest, it was 6am, and there was no way I was letting my coffee go to waste. For the record, Aaron, who was carrying the two heavy bags and a carry-on himself,  re-adjusted our ‘stuff’ and after that no more stroller accidents occurred.

The other story isn’t so much funny as it is either crazy or amazing. Probably both. On our flight to Salt Lake, sitting in front of us was a young family with five children, ages 9ish to 1. These parents lined up the three oldest kids in a row together and sat across the aisle with the two youngest. Not one of those kids whined or cried the entire flight. Assuming they were headed to Salt Lake, we asked where they were headed. Nope, they were headed to Florida…for a ten-day Disney Cruise. This was the first leg of a day-long jaunt across the country. They were beyond excited and when Aaron asked the oldest how she felt about being the oldest of five (as he is also), her response made him laugh out loud. “It’s a lot of responsibility sometimes, but it’s still fun.” Well said kid.

Jack discovers sledding.

Lot’s of good food. Some football, dogpiling on the uncle and a baby with pink cheeks who loved sticking his tongue out.

 And skiing. Of course.

And an ode to Uncle Paul. Jack adores you. You have the same hair. Neither of you like to wash your hands. You both like bikes. 

One very cool part of our trip was seeing the Freestyle World Ski Competition at Deer Valley Resort. Unbelievable, but very very cold. At least that’s what Aaron told me. Of course that was the one night Luke decided to be cranky.

Extra points if you can actually spot the skier.


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