More Spraypaint

We finally got around to painting the dining room hutch after Christmas. With my mom visiting and some unseasonably warm sunny days (you have to open doors and windows to air out fumes), we broke out the spray paint. You can read all about the painting process here if you’re interested in painting woodwork with spray paint.

The origional drawer pulls were absolutely hideous (think brass nipple tassles…oh yes, I just went there) and there was no way they were going back on the hutch. After spending a couple of months scouring online and literally camping out in Anthropologie (with a fussy baby) trying to find just the right thing, I was on the verge of giving up. What I wanted was either  really expensive (i.e. Anthropologie) or there was never enough of what I was looking for. Although, what kept me motivated to keep looking was the fact that I couldn’t really get to any of my vases, napkins or place mats as it’s pretty hard to get the doors open without a handle.

On a whim, while in Spokane over the weekend, I wandered into World Market and spied these babies:

A near perfect knock-off of what I was drooling over looking at at Anthropologie for less than half the price per knob. I LOVE the roses but decided it was overkill to do both the drawers and cupboards. The drawer knobs are great because they pull in the brown from the table and work well with the color of the floors.

It’s only taken two and a half months to finish, but now at least guests don’t have to wipe their hands on their paints; we have napkins once again.

Can we talk about my mantle for a minute? It’s bugging me.

I’m not very good at the ‘final touches.’ I have the vision (most of the time) for paint colors, and which tile to use and how furniture should be arranged, but the details of candles and flowers and picture frames is SO hard for me! And that’s what makes a home cozy and welcoming.

The Nester has been writing a series of great posts about being intentional with what you decorate your home with. She was coming from a de-cluttering/use your money and time wisely perspective and it completely resonated with me. I want my home to be filled with things my family really loves. I don’t want to put stuff into it because it was a good deal or an impulse purchase. But…then I’m sort of frozen. I want picture frames. I want cute vintage junk that looks awesome on my book shelves. I just don’t know how to achieve the right balance. Stuff…but not too much.

Can you relate?


2 Responses to “More Spraypaint”

  1. 1 Jessika February 26, 2011 at 9:13 am

    Thought you might like this blog, kinda has to do with what you are talking about re: decorating.

    Hope you guys are all well!

  2. 2 Cate March 1, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    Hey! I like the picture of the dog on the bed that you usually have over your fireplace! Just a thought!

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