Lu Lu McGoo

My littlest;

Have I told you today that I love you? At least a 100 times? Well…I do. To the moon and back.

You are at my most favorite stage of babyhood. You love to sit and play with toys or swim on your tummy, every once in a while pulling your knees underneath you and rocking back and forth. You are not mobile, but have the teensiest bit of independence in that a basket full of toys keeps you busy and interested for ten minutes so I can wipe crumbs off the counter or intervene on one of your brother’s scheme’s to jump from sofa to end table to chair and back again.

You flash those dimples and I melt. You’ve learned to wave a full body arm flailing thing that is about the cutest thing in the world. Your laugh is  a deep belly chuckle and your dad and I love to tickle you just so we can hear that wonderful laugh.

Last weekend I was nuzzling your neck to make you laugh and you thought it was hilarious. You would grab my hair and pull me to you so I would do it again. Hours later, you started nuzzling me. I couldn’t believe you remembered our little game. Now, whenever I get the chance, I pull you to me and nuzzle you close. I love that days later we are still ‘playing.’

 You love to be held, preferring to view the world slung from my hip. The floor or a high chair is fine for a bit, but being held is always preferable. Lately, when you get tired, you pop that thumb in your mouth and snuggle into my shoulder.  Again…with the melting. Can I freeze you just this way forever?

You weren’t too sure about the food thing at first, but have quickly changed your tune. You love bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots and the green bean/sweet pea concoction I made you. Store bought peas though? They’re for the birds. Like your brother, you seem to have an accelerated hand-eye coordination (or I’m just a proud mama). You love to eat puffs from your tray, expertly grabbing each one and bringing them to your mouth. You eat twice a day now and I can already tell it won’t be much longer before you are eating a third time as well.

You’ve fallen into a pretty good sleep routine and I hesitate to acknowledge out loud that you’ve slept completely through the night the last three nights in a row. I couldn’t figure out why I felt so good on Monday until I realized my sleep hadn’t been disturbed once. Thank you for that.

It breaks my heart a little that you are just around the corner from being 8 months. But in the same breath, it’s just a joy to be with you and every day is lovely.  So, if you must grow, I guess I’ll allow it as long as I get to be along for the ride. Spring feels like it will never come and yet, your first birthday is already looming out on the horizon. It seems impossible.

I love that you love your brother. Today you went wild because Jack moved his train set close enough to you so that you could grab at trains as he pushed them by. Jack wasn’t all that amused, but you thought it was great. You don’t even seem to mind too much that he routinely pounds on you. I want you to know I do my absolute very best to protect you…it just somehow happens. Thank you for loving him…and me anyway. And really, he loves you a whole lot.

In the last week or so you’ve discovered the dog. It doesn’t seem to be a full-blown obsession like it was with Jack, but you’ve certainly taken a keen interest if the dog happens to be laying in your sight line. You love to pull toys out of baskets, roll from your belly to your back, chew on board books and jump in the jump-a-roo.

Today we braved our first ‘spring’ walk and you babbled away the entire time. I hope this spring and summer is filled with lots of sunny walks where we can explore all the fun things the neighborhood has to offer.

It’s hard to imagine there was ever a time before you. I love you more than words will ever do justice. I love that Jack has you and you have Jack. You two ALREADY compliment each other in ways I didn’t know possible.

And because I’ve already found myself going through my blog looking for Jack’s stats…at six months you were 19 pounds 15 ounces and 28.5 inches long. You wear 12 month clothes and seem to have large feet. You are long and lean but still have delightfully chubby legs and cheeks. Edible really.


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