40 Bags and other Randoms

I’ve always sort of prided myself on NOT being a hoarder. I’m quick to throw something away, I don’t collect anything and I have no problem doing a sweep of my closet and filling a bag for Good Will.

Or so I thought…

What I’ve realized is I’m actually very good at shoving things into closets and drawers and walking away from it. Mess behind closed doors is apparently not messy. Ha.

When I saw several blogs gearing up for 40 Bags in 40 Days, I was inspired and a little nervous. I’ve wanted to do a clean sweep of my house, but between the little people running rampant around here and my various other responsibilities…I didn’t think it was possible. Except every time I opened my closet or one of the boy’s closets or the junk drawer or my refrigerator I knew I had to at least attempt.

I started last weekend by making a list of areas in my house I knew needed cleaning/decluttering/organizing. And then I went to town. I pulled everything out of drawers and wiped them out. I made huge garbage piles. I’ve taken two loads of stuff to Good Will with three more bags already accumulated.

 In a week I’ve cleaned out my desk (including Jack’s art supplies, our bill drawer and my work stuff), the junk drawer, the master bedroom, both boy’s rooms and closets, the toy closet, the hall closet, all the bathrooms, the dining room hutch, and the laundry room.

I’ve tackled most of the ‘easy’ places around the house putting off the storage room and a few basement closets for when I’m feeling REALLY brave. I’ve never really done spring cleaning before, but this has been so refreshing and almost fun that I could see doing it every year (maybe). What about you? Do you spring clean?


I’ve been in a dinner rut lately, that combined with a suddenly picky 2-year-old and I’m left scratching my head at what to make come 5pm every night.

Here’s what I DO make…and if something semi-easy and kid friendly (but still yummy for adults) comes to mind, would you let me know?

  • Baked chicken (chicken breasts rolled in olive oil and dredged ins seasoned bread crumbs and parmesan)
  • Lots of pasta (with homemade marinara, pesto or parmesan cheese)
  • Tacos (beef, chicken or pork…just depends what I have on hand)
  • Ministrone soup
  • BBQ pork in the crock pot
  • Roast Beef
  • Enchiladas
  • Homemade pizza (Hawaiian, pesto with chicken and peppers, basil and tomato)
  • Salad (asian chicken, cobb, fajita, greens with vinaigrette)

I know I make other stuff…but that seems to be what’s most often on rotation these days. Aaron is a little sick of it, I am for sure, and Jack doesn’t seem to want any of it, telling us every night ‘I don’t want to eat dinner!’ (This coming from the kid who regularly would put away adult size portions of everything listed above and more).

So please…help a girl out. What do you make for dinner? Can I borrow your recipe?


And finally, a little announcement: we will be welcoming a few new members to our family this summer. No NOT another baby. Chickens! My poor husband, who dreams of a farm, was elated when I casually mentioned getting chickens last weekend. He immediately set to googling chicken coops and spent all weekend sputtering random facts about the benefits of free range eggs. He measured and sketched and made a few trips to Home Depot and this weekend construction begins on our very own hen-house.

My only request is that our chickens make blue eggs. That, and the coop has to be away from our house to prevent any mice from getting too close. (Chicken food attracts mice. YUCK! But I’m being brave and trying not to think about it. Because eggs! In my own backyard! Organic and delicious!)

Aaron is happily obliging both. Between the garden and now the chickens, maybe my husband will decide he has enough of a farm in our own little half-acre backyard? The best of both worlds? (somehow I doubt it)

Happy weekend…any fun plans?


2 Responses to “40 Bags and other Randoms”

  1. 1 Courtney March 21, 2011 at 4:47 pm

    You are totally inspiring with your spring cleaning. I need some motivation.

    For dinner, I feel your pain. Between picky eaters (Ian) and allergies (Ian and my husband), it’s tough. Ian is not a big fan of meat, so on a night when he has something leftover from another meal or mac ‘n cheese or something similar, I whip up meatloaf. What’s funny is my wonderful mother who is a great cook made this once or twice when I was growing up and I detested it. But I wanted to give it a shot. I found a great recipe (let me know if you want it)–and it’s now part of our rotation. I even tried making it without the egg it asks for (subbing olive oil instead which worked) since Ian is allergic, but he is still anti-meat, so it didn’t matter. We just had it tonight for dinner with some roasted potatoes. Pasta, pizza, and tacos are also staples. Pulled pork in the crockpot also makes the rotation. What about breakfast for dinner some night? Or now that the weather is supposed to be warmer: hamburgers/hot dogs and baked beans with salad? Ian is big into his hot dogs. Not exactly healthy, but we get the organic/good for you kind that they sell at Whole Foods and it somehow makes me feel better when they are consumed…

    Hope all is well!!

  2. 2 Cate March 22, 2011 at 1:11 pm

    Hey, you don’t hoard. I’m always so jealous of your house and the no clutter.
    Lately i’ve been making “Mac n trees” homemade mac n cheese with broccli. It’s so good and of course kids will eat it! if you want the recipe i’ll give it to you…super fast too! Also cause I get home so late I need fast dinners, so I make breakfast alot. Our favorite is cottage cheese pancakes, sounds wierd but so good and lot’s of protein!

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