It Was One Of Those Days…

  • The kind where your kid wakes up before the sun with a bloody nose and the baby had just gone back to sleep
  • The kind where you sneak your kid’s Easter candy before 10am
  • The kind where the sun is out and the grass is green and the trees are flowering.
  • The kind where even though its extra work and the kid’s have to go to daycare for a couple of hours; the work is so interesting and fulfilling that it makes the sacrifice ok.
  • The kind where the kitchen is a mess and the floors need sweeping.
  • The kind where the laundry pile is swapped for stacking trucks and kissing baby toes.
  • The kind where your big boy poops in the toilet and the baby almost crawls.
  • It was the kind of day where napping while nursing is allowed. (oops)
  • It was the kind of day where 15 minutes before boot camp I was beyond dreading it and as soon as I got there I was SO glad I decided to go.
  • It was a dance in the kitchen with the husband while cleaning up the messy kitchen.

It was one of those days…you know…exhausting, fun, challenging, a whole lot of sweet and just an all around regular day.

How was your’s?


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