Almost One

My baby is almost one. Two weeks and counting.

I am alternately grieving the end of this precious, blessed year and slowly letting out the breath I have been holding all year-long as slowly…slowly…I realize ‘we got this.’

I am at a loss for all the thoughts and emotions swirling around. Honestly, I just don’t know how I got so damn lucky. These amazing, kind, funny, adventurous, sometimes-naughty, always-curious, a little-bit-shy, incredible boys are in my life and it is in a quiet moment that I am taken aback at the honor and responsibility of shepherding them in this life. I couldn’t have dreamed up a better gift than these two boys.

And so, as my precious Lukey scoots and shuffles and screams his way toward that landmark first birthday, I am equal parts thrilled at the anticipation of what the next incredible year will bring and quietly sad that this year is over. The year he needed me the most. Loved me the best and I in turn, met every need, quieted every cry, sustained him with my own body and nestled him in the crook of my arm to sleep soundly.

What an incredible year.


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