Man, I love summer. I love the heat, the sunshine, the fresh food, the flowers and green green grass. I only wish we had a boat like I did growing up so that our summer coud include beach camping and early morning water-skiing. (someday)

And as much as last summer was epic and amazing and completely wonderful in every way as we celebrated the arrival of our precious Luke Michael, some of those yearly traditions got pushed to the wayside as we figured out how to care for two babies.

But this summer…oh I have ben looking forward to this summer all year long. And of course, it has been uncharacteristically cool with more than our fair share of thunderstorms and gray days. Oh well.

But no matter; we’re still having lots of fun.

(apparently, just like his mama, Lukey has favorite pajamas…that or I just need to get my children dressed on a more regular basis)

So much bike riding. Have I mentioned he’s two? And he taught himself to do this? A large portion of Jack’s day revolve around riding his bike. It’s equal parts awesome and a little horrifying thinking about what our future entails with this kid.

Also, lessons learned from perusing these photos: Take more pictures of Luke (poor second child) and Get children dressed more regularly.


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