A Little Spruce Up

The tv room adjacent to our kitchen, which happens to be the room we spend 95 percent of our time in has bugged the crud out of me basically since we moved into this house (2 years ago). First I thought it was the furniture, so we swapped and rearranged a hundred times. Then I thought it might be the curtains, so I hung and re-hung nearly every curtain in my house to no avail.

Then I gave up for a while because I was out of ideas that wouldn’t cost me thousands of dollars. But don’t worry, I still complained about it to anyone who would listen. Aaron stopped listening a long time ago and perfected the vague smile and shrugged shoulders of a husband who knows better than to shoot his wife down.

And finally, the answer came to me. My tv room was a khaki bomb that exploded everywhere. Khaki walls, khaki carpet, dark furniture and even the curtains blended into the khaki yuck. Now all I needed was a plan of action.

It came to me in a small splurge (with the tail end of birthday money) on a new rug and a gallon of paint.


(my house is a mess…I justify it as the boys having FUN…right?)

After…actually, this is probably the mid-point. Nothing is actually on the walls yet and I’m in search for some new throw pillows, these were pulled from the basement and the master bedroom.

And a shot from today, we painted the fireplace with a fresh coat of white and took out the loveseat. I like it, but it’s feeling a little bare. On a positive note, it leaves tons of room for all those toys. (can you hear the sarcasm?)

On accident, I actually bought two rugs. One rash click on Ebay and all of a sudden I’ m the proud owner of not one but two Pottery Barn rugs. Lesson learned.


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