Fall Decorating for the Cheap, Lazy and Uncreative

I love wandering the aisles of Target and Michael’s looking at all the holiday displays. And don’t even get me started on Etsy. I could easily lose hours on that site drooling over everything from prints to jewelry to party decorations. But when it comes to pulling the trigger on sweet trinkets or holiday wares that I’ll only use a few weeks per year, I just can’t part with my pennies.

That, and when it comes down to it, I’m just not that creative. Really.

So, here are my tips, if you’re a little like me and happen to be cheap, lazy or uncreative when it comes to decorating for the fall season.

$2 bag of candy corn from target, old candle, big vase

Bag of apples from the store…dump apples in random bowl…display on dining room table

Dig around your house, find candle holders and a vase and splurge on a bouquet from the supermarket,

 steal from your neighbor’s garden or beg your mother to cut you some from her garden (as I did).

At your farmers’ market or local pumpkin stand, dig through the squash bin for a handful of cheap squash that you can display on your mantle. Because then they are ‘fancy’ and have officially become decorations. And later, baked in the oven with butter and brown sugar, they are fantastic. Well worth the $4.

Put pumpkins randomly around your house. This one, on my living room coffee table, is a favorite for the boys to throw around. On a side note, they double as toys! Who doesn’t love to throw a pumpkin?

In the spring, buy two packets of $.99 pumpkin seeds. Plant seeds, water often, make sure they get lots of sun. Then pile them up on your front doorstep and throughout your flower beds in hopes of distracting guests from the fact that you haven’t weeded or raked leaves in weeks!

That’s all I’ve got. How do you decorate?


2 Responses to “Fall Decorating for the Cheap, Lazy and Uncreative”

  1. 1 Julie Vance October 6, 2011 at 1:29 pm

    I love this because you and I are so alike! I’ve done the candy corn trick before, but end up eating too much candy corn…so now I’ve resorted to an orange pumpkin spice candle. The little squash on the mantle = perfect. And, pumpkins around the front porch…you are even better than me. I don’t even plant them myself, just go to the local farmer’s market stand and buy some! Wow….never realized until now how truly lazy I am (or just really busy???)

  1. 1 Fall Decorating for the Cheap, Lazy and Uncreative « Cheap Decorating Trackback on October 6, 2011 at 7:00 pm

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