We made an advent wreath in Jack’s preschool class the week before Thanksgiving. What was a sweet little craft to do with my boy kick-started a little seed of excitement in me to start some holiday traditions (memories? magic?).

For the last two Sundays, we gather in our living room and light an Advent candle. We read a story out of Jack’s preschool
Bible and say a little prayer based on what the week’s ‘theme’ is. The first week was joy, this week is peace. Then we sift through our stack of Christmas books and read ‘Who is Coming to Our House,’ ‘The Night Before Christmas,’ and ‘Santa’s Favorite Story.’

Usually one or both boys loses interest on some level and climbs off the couch, choosing to roam the living room and attempting to snag ornaments off the tree, but Aaron and I still look at each other over the books and smile and hope that this is the beginning of memories mde for them.

After the daily advent calendar (you know the cheesy ones you buy at the grocery store and get a little piece of Chocolate every day?) went ary after Jack basically opened every window the very first day, I decided to dig deep and attempt a ‘craft’ with my preschooler

Yesterday, we made a paper chain. I cut the strips of paper and together we glued the pieces together until we had 20 links. I also bought five little boxes and in each one is a piece of paper with instructions for something fun to do as a family. One night we will load up and go look at Christmas lights, another we will make a batch of cookies. I ordered a new Christmas book on amazon and a trip to see Santa is in order. We kicked it off last night by putting together a gingerbread house. Jack loved this but unfortunately we, the parents, don’t have much skills, because the pre-fab gingerbread house wouldn’t stay together and we were eating it’s crumpled roof by the end of the evening.

Of course, the first thing Jack did this morning was ask if he could rip off a link on our Advent chain. I explained that we would do it tonight at bedtime and needed to wait until Daddy got home. My answer seemed to satisfy him and I moved on to other things. Twenty minutes later, he rounded the corner to proudly show me he had ripped off the next link on the chain.

Gah! My peaceful, Christmas-loving spirit flew right out the window and I was immedietly lecturing him and snatching the paper out of his hands to try and ‘fix’ it.

(picture taken last night in attempt at ‘cute picture for blog.’ Jack was having none of it)

As I recounted the story to some friends this morning, they teased me about being ‘angry mommy.’ And we all agreed to try and not let little things like this bother us. I was quickly reminded that this advent countdown has nothing to do with crafts and gingerbread houses and everything to do with preparing our hearts to receive the most extravagant, beautiful gift this earth has ever experienced; Jesus Christ. Why is it so easy to get frustrated over the dumbest stuff?

I apologized to Jack for being angry about the chain. And we both agreed to try and be more patient.

Next up, hot chocolate with candy canes and batches and batches of cookies!


2 Responses to “Advent”

  1. 1 Courtney December 6, 2011 at 1:51 pm

    I laughed aloud at the pic of Jack trying to be “cute” under the tree. I just lost it when Ian tried to eat the house I was building (not gingerbread, but rice crispies due to allergies) as he was not into making it but eating everything in sight. Arthur was glad to eat it, too! And my house-building skills are for the birds.

    Lovely home, as always. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. 2 Bre December 8, 2011 at 3:44 pm

    I love that Jack only has one sock on…

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