Christmas Party

I love a good party. I love the opportunity to get a little dressed up, spend an evening with my husband and good friends, nibbling on delicious food and having a glass of wine. Combine that with the magic of Christmas and it’s the perfect opportunity for a get together!

Libby and I combined our efforts to put a party together and we had so much fun! It was fun to see all our friends out of their regular ‘mom’ gear and the fact that we had no kiddos to chase around meant we could actually visit and catch up! So refreshing!

We kept everything super simple. Cheeses, crackers, veggies, a few dips and mini cupcakes. We had beer, wine and champagne cocktails. The cocktails ended up being a total hit! They were very festive and actually tasted good too!

In case you want to make your own:

  • Soak sugar cubes in Bitters (its a mixer and can be bought at the grovery store)
  • Place sugar cube at bottom of champagne glass
  • Fill 3/4 full with champagne
  • 1/3 ounce orange liquor (we used triple sec)
  • Garnish with fresh craberries
  • Enjoy!


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