Christmas Cinnamon Rolls

The last two days have been consumed with baking cinnamon rolls. The recipe was my great-grandmother. Over the years, the tradition slowly moved to my father and for years he made enough batches for the entire family to enjoy on Christmas.

Last year, I decided to attempt them. While not hard, they are labor intensive and take a long time. Without a bread machine, you have to let them rise twice. Thankfully, a dear friend lets me borrow her bread machine and that cuts down immensely on the time it takes.

I love having this tradition. It was pretty fun to work alongside my dad yesterday, teasing and laughing about who had the right ‘technique,’ arguing over who could read the recipe card and who was deviating from the recipe.

Twelve trays of rolls later, we patted ourselves on the back for a job well done. I love having this tradition and I love that it’s something my dad and I can do together. I hope years from now one of my sons will pick up the tradition as well and join us in the kitchen.

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