Happy Birthday Love

30 things to love on your 30th birthday:

1. You smell nice 99 percent of the time

2. You mop the floors 99 percent of the time

3. You are a REALLY GOOD dad

4. Your energy level is ridiculous

5. You have a cute laugh

6. And a cute behind

7. You love chocolate

8. You are never afraid to tackle a project…if anything, sometimes I have to hold you back a little

9. You are the go-to handyman mr. fix-it for friends and family alike

10. You clean out my car

11. You scoop up the boys for no reason and tell them you love them

12. You think you’re a redneck

13. You love cowboy boots and levis…and look good wearing them

14. You’re one of the only 30-year-olds who can pull off a beard

15. You have a black and white personality. Sometimes this drives me nuts, but I think it’s a really good thing. You put your mind to something and that’s it. You go for it.

16. Everything you do, you do 110 percent, no exceptions

17. You love my cooking

18. You love dreaming and scheming about that ‘farm’ we’ll have one day and all the equipment we will need

19. You are obsessed with Craigslist (not sure if its something to love, but it is funny)

20. Your hands are always rough from all the work you do around the house

21. You’ve been known to do yard work in the dark and literally run behind the lawnmower

22. You are almost always the first one up with our early riser son

23. The boys can’t get enough of you

24. You are patient and kind and playful but firm and decisive with our boys. It’s awesome.

25. You are a total softie.

26. Not much grosses you out. This is especially helpful because a lot of stuff grosses me out.

27. You clean out the nasty forgotten food from the refrigerator.

28. You rarely complain when I tell you we are going to paint another room (or re-paint)

29. You are who you are and nobody is going to change that and I LOVE that about you.

30. You are kind and interesting and loving and so many things that a list of 30 doesn’t even scratch the surface.

Here’s hoping we have at least 50 more birthdays to celebrate together. I hear it only gets better.


1 Response to “Happy Birthday Love”

  1. 1 Dave April 29, 2012 at 8:18 am

    As his father I just want to say how glad I am that you are in his life. Yes I think he is wonderful but I think you are too.

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