No Words Necessary

My husband is notoriously difficult to shop for. So when it came time to discuss how he wanted to celebrate the big 3-0, he had zero ideas. He hemmed and hawed for several weeks until finally mentioning he might like to have a little barbecue with family and friends. (Oh…and he would like a drill…of course!)

Anyone who knows Aaron immediately picks up on his love for all things ‘country’ or ‘redneck. So…we threw him a redneck barbecue and encouraged our guests to dress the part. I think the best part of the evening was watching everyone walk through the back gate in their various outfits. There was everything from matching overalls to mullet wigs to a baby in a basket…really, words just don’t do it justice.

Our friends and family totally got into it and we had!!!!!

There was much laughing and silliness but even better it was so PERFECTLY Aaron and a wonderful testament to our friends who generously donned mullet wigs and american flag t-shirts all in an effort to make my husband happy.

Like I said…no words necessary…

except that I really really love this guy!


1 Response to “No Words Necessary”

  1. 1 Libby May 14, 2012 at 12:41 pm

    What a good looking group! What a fun celebration with our favorite redneck friends!

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