So Two

This little dude has arrived at two. (Shh…don’t tell him he still has a month to go before his birthday, he wouldn’t believe you anyway).

He’s got the personality, opinions, sense of humor and best of all diluted language to remind me (and everyone around him) that he is indeed oh so very two.

Tantrums? Check.

Screaming? Yep, that too.

Trying to do everything big brother does (regardless of ability)? Oh yes.

Completely charming, loving, hilarious, constantly talking (in mostly jibber-jabber), and absolutely adorable?? Oh heck yeah.

Tonight we got into a bit of a battle of wills over dinner. He didn’t want to eat. I wanted him to. Much screaming and crying and a bit of food throwing ensued…but I proved to be equally matched in determination. I was just on the verge of throwing in the towel and getting him down, when he suddenly stopped fussing, pointed at his plate and said ‘dis mama dis?’ He ate a few bites, we compromised, I got him down and we headed for the bathtub where he entertained me with funny ‘stories’ for the next half an hour.

He’s a handful, but in the best way.

Little turkey.



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