Pinterest and Pregnancy Hormones

I am not crafty. Scrapbooking overwhelms me. Handmade cards, cute little doodles and any sort of sewing are completely out of the question. The thought of making a Christmas ornament or a pillow case or some sort of holiday decoration downright makes me nauseous. It’s not that I don’t WISH I could do those things, I LOVE buying it at craft fairs and on Etsy, but making something myself is just out of the question. I’m all thumbs and uneven lines…seriously.

I’ll happily stay in my corner baking cakes and painting walls. That’s about all I’m good for.

But…and it’s a big BUT. Here’s what happens when you combine Pinterest and pregnancy hormones:

The crazy notion, that I of all people, could manage a craft. I decided I wanted a ‘bouquet’ of tissue poms in the nursery. There were lots of inspirational pictures on Pinterest. I went to Michael’s with my 40 percent off coupon and bought the Martha Stewart pom kit (yes, a KIT).

Then I spent a good week staring at the unopened package wondering how I was going to magically make those poms appear. Finally, I read the directions and me and my fumble fingers attempted to make poms.

I ripped the tissue paper.

They are lopsided.

I swore a little bit and wished for a big glass of wine.

Aaron had to help me.

Aaron laughed at me.

Aaron’s poms are better than mine.

But we did it!

And in all their lopsided glory, I really really like them.

Now to just figure out how to hang them…


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