Garden Grown

As I watched Jack eat brocoli and Luke nibble fresh green beans out of the garden last night, I couldn’t help but have a moment of mama pride. And while my garden is once again totally out of control and being taken over with weeds, it is a happy little corner of the yard that we all find ourselves in each evening.

We had a super slow start this year with several of our crop never making it out of the ground. Our peas got eaten not once, not twice but three different times. Our lettuce and spinach was the same, never making it out of the ground. We think birds got to them, but it could have been insects or a mistake on our part. Who knows…

But finally, once everything did start growing, there was no slowing down. Now the fun and challenge is to use our produce and not let any of it go to waste. It might be a 100 degrees out, but my oven and stove are going making lots of delicious food and my freezer is slowly filling with carrots, brocolli and beans to be turned into baby food for a certain baby girl who will be joining us shortly.


1 Response to “Garden Grown”

  1. 1 Courtney September 5, 2012 at 1:17 pm

    Was wondering when you were due and think baby will be here soon! Can’t wait for the news!

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