I would never call myself a runner. What I do is more realistically called ‘shuffling laboriously.’ But I find myself loving it more and more and actually WANTING to do it. It’s very weird. I’ve always liked to exercise, but I’ve never been particularly ambitious or competitive. I like to be outside and I like to be active, but that’s never really equated in finding a sport to get attached to. Unbelievably, I might just stick with this ‘running’ thing.


I have a few very specific requirements in order to do this ‘running’ business. I must have music. It has to be loud, upbeat, and something I can sing along to in order to drown out my breathing. I also need sunglasses (even if it’s raining) and hot pink shoe laces. If any of these items are missing (as in I can’t find my head phones), I can’t even run to the end of the block.

But I’m finding that regular exercise outside is making a huge difference for me in battling postpartum blues. With the boys, I didn’t realize I was struggling until much later. This time, I am aware and trying to do a few things to combat all those crazy hormones.

On Thursday I called the sweet neighbor girl to come over and babysit so I could go for a run. The sun was out, both boys had been fighting me on a nap and by 3pm I was just DONE. I needed a sanity break. It was the best thing I could have done for myself (and the boys). I got 45 minutes to clear my head and regain some perspective. The boys got a beak from their frustrated, cranky mother and got to play with someone new.

Some weeks are better than others in finding time to get out there, but it amazes me how much better I feel (stronger, more energy, better sleep and much much happier) when I do. I guess this is my own little reminder not to give it up.


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