Life Is Messy

But this song helps.

As my college roommates used to tease me (and my husband wholeheartedly agrees) I can be a bit of a brooder. Maybe a little glass-half-empty sometimes.

The daily grind of raising children can be so tough. The monotonousness of it all. The never-ending cycle of laundry, snacks, meals, crying, diaper changes…the list goes on an on.

And that doesn’t even touch the agony and worry over whether you are raising children who are kind, who love Jesus, who won’t turn out to be total degenerates.

Sometimes I look around at the swirl of chaos and the 12 timeouts that have taken place before noon or the scratches on the boys faces from getting into it with each other meanwhile the baby cries for who knows why and I just think…I am failing at all of this.

Nothing is more humbling than trying to raise children.

But…and it’s a big one.

This song reminds me that it’s not about ME. It’s just not about me at all.

Just when I think I’ve hit bottom, Luke brings me a stuffed dog wrapped up in a blankie and tells me his baby went to sleep. Jack begs me to hold Scarlet. The boys sit side by side and color together.

I offer my humble thanks. Thank you for making beautiful things out of the dust.


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