Get it Together

Life feels a little blurry around the edges, a little like how the sky looks today, hazy with a few clouds and gray-blue sky peeking through. It might be the lack of sleep, it might be winter, its everything and nothing all at the same time.

Just when I think I’m finding my footing with three kids something tiny like a 5:30am start to the day knocks everything out of equilibrium and all a sudden I’m laying on the couch eating pilfered m&m’s from the potty-treat jar wondering how everything got so terrible.


Oh motherhood. No humblebrags in this corner, just lots and lots of humble pie.

Jack is officially dropping his nap. Which at almost 4.5 is probably a good thing (for him). Always my early riser, I had hoped he would sleep a little later, but it doesn’t seem to affect him in the least. I force a little quiet time on him in the afternoon, but gone are the days of quiet afternoons.

Luke is almost potty-trained. Until today when he peed his pants out in the yard and then dropped a turd on the patio. I rushed him to the bathroom and then went to clean up the mess when I discovered Rem took care of that for me. So gross. On so many levels.

Scarlet…or sweet Scarlet. She lives up to her name. She does not believe in third-kid status. She would prefer to be thought of as a first-born. She has opinions. Many of them. She is also teething and rolling, neither of which she likes very much.


I keep telling myself this is the week I’m going to ‘get it together’ and then I realize I’m probably not going to do anything but hang on for the ride for a long long time.

So it’s good to have m&m’s in the house.


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