Is This Thing On?

tap tap…cough…ummm…hi??

That perfect storm of lack-of-sleep + busyness + three small children + freelance work (i.e. getting paid to write things) = no blog (oh and no dinner, or laundry or general hygiene, but that’s sort of a given right?).

And then that stupid thing happens where once you go a little while without stopping for a few minutes to document the everyday, the little joys, the hard stuff, a good meal…it all blends together and nothing stands out.

That’s the thing I love about this little space, it makes me take note, it helps me remember.

Anne Lamott wrote a beautiful essay last week where she quoted a line by Barry Lopez: everyone is held together by stories. That is all that is holding us together, stories and compassion.

I loved that statement. I think that’s why blogs and facebook and instagram are so popular (addictive?). Little stories that bring us together, shining a little light into each others life.

So with that little burst of inspiration, I’m back. Rusty for sure. But back.

A story from today not to be forgotten:


Jack and Scarlet sit on the carpet in the tv room. The windows and sliding door are open, sunshine is pouring in. Jack grabs a book (about drag racing of course) he got from the library yesterday, scoots to sit directly in front of Scarlet and begins ‘reading’ to her. He carefully turns each page, pointing out objects and telling her all about the cars. He goes through a stack of books as she watches completely enthralled with her brother.


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