And Just Like That…

The school year begins.


Jack started Pre-Kindergarten and has a new classroom and teacher this year. He was initially a little timid and nervous, but he has settled in so well.

He sidled up to Aaron the morning of his first day and said ‘Dad, I’m really nervous, can we snuggle?’ And so, of course, there was lots of extra hugs and kisses that morning and by the time he walked into the classroom, he was ready to go. So proud of that sweet, wild, amazing boy.

In typical Luke fashion, he had a few stubborn moments about wanting to go to a different classroom, ‘Jack’s old class!’ but as soon as he got settled in his classroom, all was well. He is the proud owner of a blue bag just like his brother’s with his own name on it. Life is good for our Lukey.

Luke hasn’t quite figured out that he only goes to school two mornings a week. He gets a little bummed out when Jack goes to school and he doesn’t.

Even though we are still firmly in the world of preschool. I feel like there’s been a subtle shift this year; a little more responsibility, a little more anticipation, a little more anxiety in the change as we transition into the school year.

It’s a good transition though. I love seeing my boy’s happy smiles. I love watching them learn. I’m grateful for one more year before ‘real school’ starts.



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