Jack is five.


This picture sums him up to a T.


Cowboy boots.

Outfit change number 13 for the day.

Random contraption/invention made from tubberware and hooked to his belt.

Creativity + intensity + gumption = Jack


I get to these annual birthday posts and I’m at a loss. How do you sum up the wonderful complicated emotions that come with watching your children grow and change?

I want to remember though.

I want to remember the cowboy phase, the hunting phase, the soccer phase and the biker phase. I don’t want to forget all those crazy questions floating up from the back seat.


I want to remember the shyness and the worry about new situations, but even more, I want to remember all those little moments of bravery when he tried something new or accomplished a task he didn’t think he could do.

I want to remember what a self-starter he is and an even better helper. He is good-natured and eager to please.

I want to remember drawings and letters scratched out on any spare paper he can find, tiny pieces of paper cut into shapes and made into maps or business cards or some other ‘work’ that he deems ever so important. I want to remember duck blinds in the backyard, endless bike riding in the driveway, learning to ski, legos for days and the way he sticks his tongue out when he concentrates.

It’s cliché but so true…it’s going too fast. Everyone keeps telling me time will only speed up and that kills me. The days are hard sometimes. Oh man, they are SOOOO hard some days. But even that hard day we had yesterday, or maybe it was the day before that, I can hardly remember. All I can think about is that my baby is five and yesterday he was wrapped in a blue blanket lying on my chest and now he’s this big, huge, amazing, incredible little boy.

Happy birthday my sweet boy. I love you to the moon and back a million times.


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